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Guidance Sessions

Have questions around psychedelic use and safety? We offer Psychedelic Guidance Sessions to help answer all of your questions and concerns. Sessions with one of our guides are run via whatsapp call and last between 20-30 minutes at R350. Please note these sessions are not intended as a space to try source substances but are intended to provide South Africans access to safe information, guidance and direction around psychedelics for personal healing and growth. 


These sessions are intended for those that have had a Psychedelic/Plant Medicine Experience that they are looking to unpack, feel, express and explore. This can range from having difficult content come up in the journey, spiritual experiences, inner-child or shadow work, new insights & visions, non-experiences, somatic experiences or any other range of experience that feels like some space to fully process, harness and integrate would be helpful. Often the greatest part of a Journey is how we integrate it into our everyday lives. These sessions can provide you with space to reflect, as well as advice and tools on how to step forward. ​Sessions are run at R750/1 hour via Zoom.​

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