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Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Keen to Support what we do? We very gratefully accept contributions! We are volunteer run and the costs to keep supporting this community with education, events, this very website and to keep answering the 100s of emails we receive come directly from our pockets and personal time.
very little bit helps!
-Zoom fees for workshops and sessions (R280/m) 
-Website fees (+-R6500/y)
-Costs to send out a newsletter to subscribers (R650/month)

-Podcasts (R1200/podcast)
-Media & email team  (R2000/month)

To date all the education, events, social media content, talks, answered questions and emails including the costs behind this very website have been run and self funded from our (young) pockets. We believe the society provides fertile ground for real positive change and impact in society, mental health and our collective consciousness so we've lovingly given 1000s of hours, energy and savings to this project. However your help is needed! We often don't have enough to support what we do, aren't able to fully provide the support and services we'd like to, and have to leave countless emails unanswered because we're run on limited resources. Supporting our project helps us continue doing what we do and enables us to expand our offerings to be more inclusive, frequent and diverse. We'd love to have financial support to help us fund creating more offerings and online resources for the public. It allows us to spend more time on helping people and less time trying to hustle to pay to keep this site up and our bellies fed. It helps us pay venue fees and transport costs to do talks. It helps us grow! We are forever grateful for your belief in us and what we do. Whether it's money for tea, enough to fund the website, or enough to launch retreats, every bit is deeply appreciated and helps! 

In Gratitude and Service,
The PsySoc Team

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