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Love Potion # 1 is lovingly crafted with exotic and sacred plant ingredients, all with sensual
aphrodisiac potencies, and includes two primary healers for our hearts: the nourishing and
nurturing Sacred Mothers and allies that have been with us since time immemorial.



Blue lotus, rose, Saffron, organic Cardamom pods, wild-crafted Damiana, organic Gojiberries, Vanilla pods, raw fynbos honey, colloidal gold, aventurine and rose quartz gemessences, Bach Rescue Remedy and Camissa spring water.


Should be taking before bed or intimacy, or whenever relaxation or a deeper heart connection is desired.


May help with:

  • Improving empathy and compassion
  • anxiety and depression
  • anger, sadness and grief states
  • insomnia
  • facilitates sexual arousal
  • anorgasmia
  • PMS


Formulated to nourish self-love and nurture romance.

For lovers, it facilitates relaxation and heart-openness and in preparation for and nourishment of
intimacy, foreplay and juiciness.
For self-love, it helps with relaxation and processing of grief and trauma, and facilitates
cultivating deeper connection with self and loved ones.


* Tinctured using vodka. Created usinga dual-extraction process of extracting first in alcohol, then in water. Then combining the two.

Love potion #1 - Blossoming Hearts

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