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Uplift and arouse your Sacred Sexiness with this love- and desire-inspiring floral aura mist.



Distilled water, Rose water, Champaka Absolute, White Lotus Absolute, Rose Otto,
Frangipani Absolute, Blue Lotus Absolute, Neroli, Frankinsense, Rosewood, Yellow
Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Cacao Absolute, Cardamom, Sweet Orange, Vetiver, colloidal gold,
Bach Rescue Remedy, and alcohol (emulsifier).


Aroma notes:

Floral and woody with a hint of muskiness.


May be beneficial for:

  • inducing euphoria
  • cleansing your aura
  • sadness, grief, anxiety, depression
  • mood upliftment
  • feeling deliciously sexy and smelling absolutely divine!


It inspires sensuality and romance, and induces euphoria with its uplifting, heavenly harmonizing
and heart-soothing aroma. Also cleanses your aura, uplifts and grounds.

Aura mist - Blossoming Hearts

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