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Youth in Psychedelics: Curating Playlists for Psychedelic Exploration- A Sonic Journey to Expand Consciousness

Shandukani, age 23, was born in Vanderbijlpark to a Venda father and Tsonga mother. He recently earned his degree in sound production at SAE Institute, delving deeper into various musical styles and deepening his own inquiry and research on psychedelics during this time.

He has a passion for exploring the intersection of art and consciousness, the journey of self-discovery, navigating the realms of sound, visuals, and the human experience. Through his art and his journey, he aims to inspire others to embrace their own unique path and to never stop exploring the depths of their own potential.

Here’s what he has to say:

In creating these playlists, my intention was to provide a sonic companion for individuals embarking on psychedelic experiences, specifically with magic mushrooms and LSD. The carefully selected tracks aim to facilitate an expansion of consciousness, transcending the ego and guiding listeners on an internal journey of self-discovery.

Through four years of personal experimentation with psychedelics, I have dedicated myself to understanding the essence of contemporary trippy music. My research has led me to identify genres such as Jazz, Psychedelic Rock, krautrock, Thai and Chinese Folk, Reggae, and Sound Effects as the most conducive to inducing altered states of consciousness. These states are characterized by intense hallucinations, altered perceptions of time and space, synesthesia, body trembling, and ego transcendence.

Recognizing the vast and diverse nature of psychedelia, I believe it's essential to incorporate a wide range of sounds and artists who have been inspired by psychedelic experiences. While personal musical taste plays a role in shaping the playlist, my own affinity for surreal and abstract music has led me to feature virtuosic, groundbreaking, innovative, and avant-garde artists.

Under the influence of psychedelics, music becomes a soundtrack for the inner mind, much like how art serves as a reflection of the subconscious. These playlists aim to harmonize with the listener's journey, enhancing the psychedelic experience and fostering a deeper understanding of the self.

We hope you enjoy the playlist that Shandukani has created for the society:

There Goes the Light:

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