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Boundaries & Consent Workshop
Boundaries & Consent Workshop

Sun, 03 Sept


Hout Bay

Boundaries & Consent Workshop

Understanding the Wheel of Consent and how it applies to various parts of our lives, from everyday relationships, sex, and in the context of psychedelics.

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Time & Location

03 Sept 2023, 10:00 – 14:00

Hout Bay, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

About the event

Marc Dujarric is a facilitator of events that blend the fields of sexuality, shamanism, spirituality and personal development. During this half-day workshop, marc will guide us on an embodied journey through the Wheel of Consent - an innovative framework that explores the 4 different dynamics in which consent usually shows up unconsciously in our lives. Gaining an in-depth understanding of the four quadrants will help shape our interactions, whether professionally, personally or romantically, in a more direct, honest and secure way. We will be guided through a very simple yet profoundly gamechanging way of approaching relational dynamics, and begin to get a more tangible grasp of what actually underlies all our interactions.

The practical application is gradual, and is presented in a fun, adaptable way that enables us to begin offering a fluid and secure framework for participants, while having clear personal limits.


Consent starts with you 🔎

💡  I'm working with consent alot and I hear a lot about the 'other person's consent'. Does the other consent to this interaction? All of these tools are here to serve your own discernment and put light on a subject often less discussed: my own consent. Do I still consent to this interaction even if the other person said yes? Do I feel that their "yes" is free and informed ? Do I feel comfortable with the possibles visible and invisible consequences of this interaction ?

💡 💡 There is a triple consent: mine, the other person's and the relationship's. Sometimes the 3 align and sometimes they don't, sometimes even if the 3 align the situation may have changed between the start of the interaction and the moment to act. Sometimes it's our fantasies that have brought us to this interaction and at the moment of materializing it, embodying it, living it in matter, one or both of us may realize that it's a no go and we’re equally responsible for feeling it.

💡 Key benefits:

1️⃣ Improve your relationships: Learn to navigate consent with deeper clarity, respect and integrity, leading to healthier and more fulfilling connections in all aspects of your life.

2️⃣ Deepen your self-awareness: Learn about your own patterns, limits and preferences, enabling you to better understand and communicate them.

3️⃣ Refine your communication skills: Acquire practical tools and techniques for expressing your needs, negotiating boundaries and creating mutually safe, satisfying experiences.

4️⃣ Build trust and empathy: Foster a culture of trust, empathy and mutual respect in your relationships, creating a safe space for open communication and authentic connection.

🌟 Who is this for?

- People looking to improve their personal relationships, whether romantic or platonic.

- Couples looking to improve intimacy, communication and mutual understanding.

- Professionals in the fields of therapy, coaching, psychedelic care, bodywork and alternative healing modalities.

- Anyone interested in exploring the transformative power of consent and communication.

🍄 How this Relates to Psychedelics:

Boundaries and Consent is a HUGE topic in the psychedelic space, for facilitators, therapiats, personal explorers and journeyors alike. Understanding where your own boundaries are, how to feel them and express them as they shift, and also how to create a safe, consensual container are deeply important skills to develop when doing any form of psychedelic/plant medicine work. Not only does it allow us to develop deeper more trusting experiences for ourselves/clients, but also allows us to then go deeper with the internal work, and with each other, knowing that boundaries are felt, understood, communicated and respected, both internally and externally. Knowing how to deeper understand someone elses boundaries is highly important as a facilitator- especially when working with someone who is still unknowingly unclear on their own boundaries. Boundary-based agreements and well developed interpersonal skills are a foundational necessity for crafting safe spaces. We hope this provides you with some practical tools and understanding to do this for your own space.

☀️To learn more about Marc:


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