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Boundaries & Consent


Boundaries and Consent is a huge topic in the psychedelic space, for facilitators, therapists, personal explorers and journeyors alike. Understanding where your own boundaries are, how to feel them and express them as they shift, and also how to create safe, consensual containers are deeply important skills to develop when doing any form of psychedelic/plant medicine work and for everyday life in general. Not only does it allow us to develop deeper more trusting experiences for ourselves/clients/friends/family, but also allows us to then go deeper with the internal work, and with each other, knowing that boundaries are felt, understood, communicated and respected, both internally and externally. Knowing how to deeper understand someone else's boundaries is a highly valuable skill- especially when working or relating with someone who is still unknowingly unclear on their own boundaries. Boundary-based agreements and well developed interpersonal skills are a foundational necessity for crafting safe spaces. We hope this provides you with some practical tools and understanding to do this for your own space and life. This is a theory lesson given by Marc Dujarric during a workshop presented in August 2023 in South Africa.

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